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Cleaning Job available

LONDON DOMESTIC CLEANING £12+ per hour with direct payment; Offices from £10.50/11 DOMESTIC cleaning Flexible options in all London for your availability Direct payment from clients on the day Rates start from minimum of £11.50; all new clients £12 + or more- paid on the day OFFICE cleaning – evening and morning. Rates start from £10.50/11+ per hour with flexible timing Basic English ok. We look also urgently someone for cover everyday at £11 per hour for pub in SW13 9DW . ANYTIME to finish by 11.30 If interested: please write in private message here or to or text 078086648557 and we shall give you a call.


Cleaning company looking for cleaners, in central London Cleaners hired as employees 07916157717 Anastasia


Labourer v Harlow,£120/deni .07767187924

Советы по безопасным сделкам

  • Не оплачивайте неполученный товар или услугу. Производите оплату, только убедившись, что Вы получили то, за что платите.
  • Встречайтесь с продавцом лично и в безопасном месте.
  • Не сообщайте номер паспорта, банковской карты и другие персональные данные.
  • Не оставляйте залогов незнакомцам.